Flash Sale on AIR Music Instruments and Effects!

DEAL – UP TO 51% OFF 05 Jun – June 15, 2023

AIR Music Technology Flash Sale (Exclusive)

Save up to 50% on a selection of AIR’s latest and greatest instruments and effects including the powerful OPx-4 FM synth, the authentic Stage Piano, and Studio Strings as well as their brand new vocal effects!

  • The OPx-4 FM synth is a powerful software synthesizer that features 4-operators Frequency Modulation. This allows for a wide range of sound design possibilities, from classic FM sounds to modern and complex textures
  • The Stage Piano is a virtual instrument that emulates the sound and feel of a real stage piano. It features a variety of piano sounds, including grand, upright, and electric, as well as effects such as reverb and chorus.

  • The Studio Strings is a string ensemble virtual instrument designed to produce realistic orchestral string sounds. It includes different sections of the orchestra – violins, violas, cellos, and basses – that can be played together or separately.
  • The Vocal effects plugin includes several tools for processing vocals, such as pitch correction, harmonization, and shaping. It also includes a variety of effects, such as reverb, distortion, and delay, to add character and depth to the voice.

These plugins offer a lot of creative possibilities for musicians and producers looking for high-quality and innovative sounds.

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