Syntronik 2 by IK Multimedia at an Insane Price!

This is an amazing offer you should not miss, hurry and save!

This is your chance to get one of the best-sounding synth collections available today. I’ve long used IK Multimedia’s products, and to my ears, Syntronik is one of the finest they’ve released. I own it as part of the Total Studio 3.5 Max. If you don’t need the entire Total Studio collection, this is a great way to get your hands on a great synth collection at a Krazy price! THIS COULD BE THE BEST VINTAGE SYNTH COLLECTION FOR YOUR MUSIC!

For just $39.99 (normally $199.00), get Syntronik 2 (full version) by IK Multimedia!

Syntronik 2 offers 22 legendary synths, with over 4,000 presets that cover a wide range of sounds from the most iconic to ultra-rare vintage synthesizers. For fans of the original version, all of the Syntronik and Syntronik Deluxe legacy presets are also included and sound identical in Syntronik 2.

Key Features

  • Synthesizer plug-in with 22 synths and 71 effects
  • Syntronik 2 features the following 22 synths: 99, Blau, Bully, DCO-X, Galaxy, Harpy 260, J-8, J-60, M-Poly, Memory-V, Minimod, Modulum, Noir, OXa, Polymorph, Pro-V, SAM, SH-V, String Box, T-03, V-80, VCF3.
  • Multi-sampled oscillators and modeled filters for unmatched realism
  • More than 80 GB of sounds and over 4000 presets
  • DRIFT™ technology re-creates the subtle variations of analog oscillators
  • 71 analog effects, 4 synth layers, onboard arpeggiator and more

Syntronik 2 sets the new standard in modern virtual synthesizers. IK’s advanced sampling techniques, combined with a hybrid sample and modeling synthesis engine, power a comprehensive collection of rare and sought-after synths with stunning sonic accuracy and the deepest editing.

This is an amazing offer you should not miss, hurry and save!

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