BFD Sounds of Summer Sale

If you’re in search of an excellent virtual drummer plugin at a reasonable price, BFD is a reliable option. After watching numerous Youtube videos, I can confidently say that the acoustic drum samples sound extremely authentic. If you value realism, this package could be a perfect choice for you. I recommend taking a look at the BFD Sounds of Summer Sale.

Recently, I published an article about Virtual Drummer Plugins, but I did not mention BFD3 as I do not possess it. However, I have come across several positive reviews that commend its authenticity, and I am contemplating buying it. Nonetheless, the vast array of customization options present in BFD3 seems to cater more towards experienced drummers who understand their significance, which is not my expertise. As a result, I have been hesitant to purchase it, but the current price may change my mind.

If you seek an alternative to Superior Drummer that offers complete control over your drum kit, this solution may be suitable. It boasts more features than Addictive Drums or EZDrummer, but requires more effort to learn.

Be sure to take advantage of the sale before July 4th by simply clicking on the provided link.


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