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Electro-Harmonix Debugger Pedal

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Does anyone have any experience using the Electro-Harmonix Debugger Hum Eliminator pedal?  I was wondering if it managed single coil hum as well as advertised?  It's not supposed to be a typical noise gate. Thanks!

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Sorry you've gotten no response--but I really appreciate your question.  My living room is a very noisy place and my single coil pickup drive me nuts whenever I play in it.  I got an Electro-Harmonix Silencer and it does an OK job of covering up the idle noise, but when I play, I can notes I can still hear the noise in the signal.  So, no real answer, but a data point on something that's not a solution.  Hope you are able to nail the issue.  Personally, I'm moving away from single coils because I can't solve the problem of wrangling the noise.