Yamaha THR30II: The Ultimate Portable Amplifier?

The Yamaha THR30II

Greetings! Recently, I shared my thoughts on the relevance of tube amplifiers in today’s world. Although the lines are becoming blurred somewhat when comparing modern modeling amps to their tube counterparts, I still love a cranked AC30! However, the weight of tube amps and their lack of portability can be a downside. That’s why I searched for a portable amplifier that would be easy to carry around and suitable for practice. After considering the Yamaha THR30II series for some time, I finally purchased the Yamaha THR30II a couple of months ago. As a guitar gear junkie, I highly recommend this portable amplifier for its outstanding sound quality and convenience.

I was initially drawn to this product due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews online, and also because the experts at Andertons (including The Captain, Rob Chapman, and Danish Pete) had nothing but praise for its sound quality. In one of their videos, they compared it to the Boss Katana, but noted that the two products serve different purposes. While Chapman preferred the Katana for live performances, it’s important to note that the THR isn’t designed for that purpose. However, it’s still possible to connect the THR to a PA system using the line-outs or a microphone.


The Yamaha THR30II boasts a compact and stylish design, allowing for easy portability. Its retro-style interface is user-friendly with intuitive control knobs that provide instant access to your tones and effects. I personally own the cream-colored version, but it is also available in black, which looks equally impressive. Both color options offer an unobtrusive amplifier that blends seamlessly into any space. Additionally, the orange LED lights behind the front grill give the impression of having tubes inside, adding to its cool aesthetic. Ultimately, it’s sleek appearance and intuitive controls make the Yamaha THR30II a great choice.


The Yamaha THR30II has an impressive sound quality that is truly remarkable. Its 30-watt amplifier produces a rich and detailed sound that is perfect for any music genre. The downloadable app or connection to a PC adds to its versatility, offering a wider range of settings that can be adjusted according to personal preferences. For instance, the cabinet type can be changed to alter the sound in various ways, all of which are pleasing to the ears. The onboard effects are simple yet useful, eliminating the need for a pedal board during performances or practice sessions. Overall, the Yamaha THR30II is more than sufficient for all your musical needs.


As a guitarist, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the Yamaha THR30II. This amazing device includes five different amp models that can take you from clean to high-gain crunch. The amp models further offer Modern, Boutique, and Classic variations of the main amplifier types, which include Clean, Crunch, Lead, High Gain, and Special. Unlike other modeling amps, these types don’t claim to emulate any specific manufacturer such as Marshall, Fender, or Orange. The THR30II also comes with a variety of onboard effects, including phaser, flanger, tremolo chorus, delay, and reverb.

The THR30II has a USB output that allows for firmware updates and direct recording into popular DAWs like Ableton, Logic Pro, Cubase, and Reaper. While the sound may be slightly compressed, it remains comparable to what’s coming out of the speakers, making it a great addition to any mix. The convenience of physical knobs at your fingertips makes it much more satisfying than using an amp modeling plugin. Additionally, the amplifier features five preset buttons for storing your favorite settings.

One of the notable advantages of the THR is its versatility. Both bass and acoustic players will appreciate the fact that there are settings tailored for each instrument, enabling them to have an amplifier for all three guitar types (electric, acoustic, bass). Yamaha made a wise decision by adding this flexibility. Since the THR can be quite pricey, not having to purchase separate amps for various guitar types is definitely beneficial.


In addition, the Yamaha THR30II boasts a built-in wireless receiver, enabling you to play cable-free, as well as a USB interface that facilitates direct recording of your performances onto your computer. It is worth noting that the Line 6 Relay transmitter is necessary to activate the wireless function, but once purchased, it works seamlessly. Furthermore, the transmitter recharges easily by plugging it into the input jack when not in use. The freedom to move around and jam without the inconvenience of cables makes this amp an excellent choice for practice or on-the-go performances.

With the THR30II wireless amplifier’s rechargeable battery, you can now enjoy the freedom of fully portable equipment. Whether you’re jamming in the great outdoors or just want to avoid the hassle of cords and cables, this amplifier has got you covered. Simply connect your Line 6 Rely, power on the amplifier, and start playing, no matter where you are. The battery provides up to 6 hours of uninterrupted playtime on a single charge, so you can keep the music going all day long.


The Yamaha THR30II is a remarkable portable amplifier that provides exceptional sound quality and a bevy of features. It is an ideal choice for musicians who are frequently on the move and require a reliable and adaptable amplifier. I keep mine on my work desk, and when I need to take a break, I simply connect my Line 6 relay and immerse myself in my own little world for a while. If you opt to invest in the Yamaha THR30II, I am confident that you will not be disappointed. I have been thoroughly satisfied with my purchase and would not hesitate to buy another if needed. I would rate it a 9 out of 10!

The street price is USD 549, and that might seem on the high side. What you get for the money, though, is a fantastic portable, wireless amplifier. It’s worth every penny!

Do you have any thoughts on the THR30II? If you’ve played one, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section. And don’t forget to subscribe!

If you are interested in the THR30II, your can view and purchase one at Amazon by clicking this link.

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