Get That Drum Set With a Few Simple Tricks!

Are you a young person who wants to take up drumming? If so, you’re probably hesitant to ask for fear of being told “no.” Worse yet, your parents probably remember the classic episode of The Brady Bunch where Bobby wanted to try his hand at the drums. His drumming was so bad that they forced him into the garage for practice. The neighbors and the rest of the Bradys were not amused. 

As time passed, and with slight improvement, he decided to quit. Nobody was trying to convince him to stick with it, either! His parents replaced the drum set with a kazoo to make matters worse. Now there’s an instrument that won’t get you many paying gigs!

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OK, enough nonsense; back to the point of this post. Do you dream of becoming a rock star? Do you want to impress your family and friends with your extraordinary drum skills? Do you wish your parents would buy you a drum set so you can practice at home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this blog post is for you! Now let’s be honest, this post is really for the parents…listen to your kids. If they want to drum, let them drum! 

man playing drum in street at daytime

The Pitch to Your Parents or Family

  • Show them how much you love music. Play your favorite songs on your phone or computer and sing along. Tell them how much you admire the drummers and how they make the music more exciting. Explain how learning to play the drums would improve your musical abilities and appreciation.
  • Do some research on the benefits of playing the drums. Find some articles or videos that show how playing the drums can boost your brain power, creativity, coordination, confidence, and mood. Share these with your parents and tell them how playing the drums would help you in school and life.
  • Be responsible and respectful. Show your parents that you are mature enough to handle a drum set. Do your chores, finish your homework, and follow their rules. Be polite to them and others. Don’t whine or nag about getting a drum set, but express your interest calmly and sincerely.
  • Offer to compromise. Buying a drum set is a big decision and a significant investment. Be willing to negotiate with your parents and find a solution for everyone. For example, you could offer to pay for part of the cost with your own money or do some extra chores. You could also agree to play only at certain times of the day or use headphones or pads to reduce the noise.
  • Drums are good for your health and well-being. They improve your coordination, rhythm, and timing. They also boost your brain power, memory, and concentration. Playing drums can also reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and increase happiness and confidence.
  • Drums are quieter than they seem. You can use drum mutes, pads, or rugs to dampen the sound and protect your hearing. You can also wear headphones or earplugs to block out the noise. You can also agree on a schedule for when you can practice and respect the quiet hours of the day.

Keep hope in your desire to play the drums. Practice regularly, even if it means using unconventional items like pots, pans, pillows, or buckets. Demonstrate your passion and commitment to your parents, and continuously highlight the benefits and enjoyment of drumming. With time, your dedication may convince them of your genuine interest, and they may even surprise you with a drum set. Be patient and persistent in pursuing your dream.

Electronic Drums May be the Answer

If these arguments don’t work, you can compromise by looking into electronic drum kits. These drums use sensors and speakers to produce sounds that mimic acoustic drums. They have many advantages over traditional drums, such as:

  • Electronic drums are much quieter than acoustic drums. You can plug in headphones or speakers and adjust the volume to suit your needs. You can also play without disturbing anyone else in the house or the neighborhood.
  • Electronic drums are more versatile than acoustic drums. You can choose from hundreds of different sounds, styles, and effects. You can also record, edit, and share your performances with ease. You can connect your electronic drums to other devices, such as computers, smartphones, or tablets, and access apps and software that enhance your drumming experience.
  • Electronic drums are more compact and portable than acoustic drums. You can easily set up and pack up your electronic drum kit in minutes. You can also store them in a small space when not in use. You can also take them wherever you go, whether to a friend’s house, a rehearsal studio, or a gig.
Popular Brands to Consider

Many brands and models of electronic drum kits are available today, but some of the most popular ones are Roland, Simmons, and Alesis. Here are some features and benefits of each one:

  • Roland is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic drums. They offer a wide range of products for beginners to professionals. Their electronic drum kits are known for their high-quality sounds, realistic feel, and durability. Some of their best-selling models are the TD-1K, TD-17KVX, and TD-50KVX.
  • Simmons is another pioneer of electronic drums. They invented the first electronic drum kit in 1978 and have been innovating ever since. Their electronic drum kits are known for their affordability, simplicity, and versatility. Some of their popular models are the SD200KIT, SD350KIT, and SD600KIT.
  • Alesis is another reputable brand of electronic drums. They offer a variety of products for different budgets and skill levels. Their electronic drum kits are known for their value, functionality, and design. Some of their top-rated models are the Titan 20 and Titan 50.
grayscale photo of drumsticks on electric drum kit


So there you have it. Whether you choose traditional drums or electronic drums, you can still enjoy the benefits of playing an incredible instrument that will make you happy and impress others. Remember to respect those around you and practice hard to improve your skills. And, If you’re a parent reading this, cut the kid some slack and buy a set of good earplugs!

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