Why I Still Use Nomad Factory Plugins

I have been using Nomad Factory plugins for a while now, and they are user-friendly and do not consume much CPU. Although they are not new, I often prefer them over more popular brands. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I like the look, and for the most part, they do the job without fuss. 

Nomad Factory is a company that develops audio plugins for music production, mixing, and mastering. In fact, they’ve been in existence for over 20 years! During that time, they earned a favorable reputation among producers. For the most part, their plugins are versatile and easy to use. 

Even today, their plugins are widely used by music producers, mixing engineers, and mastering engineers in various genres. Logic would suggest that number is dwindling. Undoubtedly, most have moved on to brands with a broader presence, such as Waves and Fab-Filter.

But are they Good?

As for whether or not they are a good investment? That depends on your specific needs and preferences. Nomad Factory has a solid record of producing reliable and effective tools for audio processing.

I have had some issues with a need for more responsiveness on their user forum. Moreover, they have made several statements publicly about updating to a newer, more modern framework. A recent check on their forum could have conveyed more hope of an update to the older plugins. The new ownership, Plugivery, is a small outfit, and resources could be more plentiful.

As for the company’s history, founder Bernie Torelli sadly passed away in 2016. Since then, Nomad Factory has continued to release new plugins on a sporadic basis. One such plugin, 80’s Spaces, is a standout. MoReVoX, a well-respected creator of impulse responses, collaborated on the project.

The Standouts Plugins

Now, on to the more positive aspects of Nomad Factory. Their Pultec emulation, the PulseTech Eq’s, are fantastic. In fact, many sources on the internet swear that it is one of the best out there. I can vouch for that, as I own Waves and IK Multimedia versions. To my ears, it sounds every bit as good or better. 

The Pulse-Tec comes bundled in the Integral Studio Pack 3. There are several other gems included in this package. Cosmos, LM-667, Retro Music and Film Tone Motown Inspired EQs, Magnetic II, and the British Bundle are excellent. My favorite of the bunch may be Echoes, an analog-inspired echo box. It contains many classic echo units of the past, such as the Deluxe Memory Man and the Echoplex.

Regarding the responsiveness of Nomad Factory’s user forum, it’s always good to do your own research. Likewise, consider the level of support and engagement a company provides its users before investing in its products. It may be worth contacting their customer service team directly to ask any questions.


If you’re searching for top-notch audio plugins that deliver versatility and superior sound quality, Nomad Factory is worth exploring. Their plugins are highly regarded by producers and engineers and have a successful track record. Although you may encounter minor issues, their performance is impressive overall.

Occasionally, there are glitches, like when I try to use the APH2S Phaser from the Blue Tubes Bundle. It doesn’t behave well in Logic Pro, no matter what settings I apply. I now reach for Liquid Phase II, which does what I need.

If you consider Nomad Factory as an option for your studio, keep your eyes open; their Integral Studio Pack 3 is often available for USD 99.00, making it an enticing option. If you’re seeking to broaden your collection of plugins, Nomad Factory is the perfect choice.

Bob Brozowski

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